Whale Watching Season

By May 12, 2020Activities
whale migration byron bay and ballina

Every year Humpback Whales migrate along the Eastern coast of Australia. At the end of the Australian Autumn, the whales start their migration (which can be up to 10,000km) from the Antartic waters to the warmer waters of the Pacific. Here they will mate and give birth before making the return journey in Spring.  In the Byron Bay and Ballina region of NSW, we’re very lucky, you can often see whales breaching from our local beaches and headlands.  They often spend more time in the calmer waters closer to the coast when they return with their young calves.

Australia’s Humpback Whale population has increased from an estimated critically low 200 animals when commercial whaling ceased in the 1960s to around 60,000 – and is increasing at around 10 to 11.5 per cent per year. So there’s a great chance that you may spot some when out exercising along the coastline.

Due to Covid-19 please follow the local council and state rules, currently some lookout areas like Cape Byron are closed, but you can walk along some beaches and coastal paths for exercise.

Please see these following website for the latest updates:

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