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Star Stuff - Byron Bay this weekend

Sat Jun24 / Sun Jun25

star stuff

Two Days of Space, Science and Astronomy with Dr Alan Duffy (Astrophysicist and TV Personality), Dr Karl Kruzelnicki (Australia's Favourite Science Presenter), Dr Katie Mack (Astrophysicist / Theoretical Physicist), Mark Gee (2013 Astrophotographer of the Year), Dr Fred Watson (Astronomer & Dark Sky Advocate), Dr David Malin (World Renowned Scientist & Astrophotographer), Dr Duane Hamacher (Astronomer & Research Fellow, Monash Uni.), Dylan O'Donnell (Byron Bay Astronomer, Team Celestron), Jamie Anderson (Head of Propulsion, Gilmour Space Technology). 
Nine Keynote Speakers, two Day Weekend, Night Sky Tours, Solar Viewing, Gear Displays, VIP Dinner, "Last Man on the Moon" movie screening, Photography workshops, Telescope Giveaways and prizes and much more. 

Under the moonless sky, with the Milky Way high overhead in the dark skies of Byron Bay, Australia’s leading experts on Space, Cosmology, Astronomy, Astrophsyics, Astrophotgraphy and Science come together for a series of keynote talks on everything from Aboriginal astronomy, space photography, and even the end of the universe. 

Tickets and Details at the web site >

Byron Hinterland Accommodation Group has many holiday properties close to Byron Bay and the Star Stuff event. See our accommodation page for more. 

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